Our mission

The mission of the institution PikaPunto is to help people harmonize their energies and relationships and to help them understand from a viewer’s point of view their own path - the path on which we make our own conscious decisions, on which we materialize our capabilities and we manifest our exceptional uniqueness.
We allow our authentic talents to come forward, we watch them develop and we use them for improving the things that we do - when our actions express the being that we truly are.
We dance on the path that leads to our goals, we colour it with vivid colours and try to understand that the path is the goal and so celebrate every moment.
We celebrate every success, we sing when we reach our goals, we exchange our possessions and knowledge with others, so that everyone can have more.
We teach how to be present, joyful and grateful: that is the reason we are here - the present moment.

We are not teacher but awakeners!

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