It helps see the family as it is.
The real problem is the attitude towards the problem. AkiPunto offer a new perspective that helps us and solves situations that seemed impossible to solve. Our method includes ancient communication rituals that we have forgotten about and are dormant within us.
AkiPunto is the shortest path that leads to awakening of consciousness.

Harmonisation of yin-yang energies (the male and female part)

Harmonisation is the energy of our mental parts.
Only when we understand which part is dominant and what is happening in the part that we are repressing, we can harmonize the unity as a whole. When we harmonize our hemispheres we make an end to wars and conflicts within us. This allows us to live a more easy-going, effective and happier life.

Harmonisation of energies between us and our partners, children, parents, co-workers

This method brings awareness of the responsibility that we have in relation to every person in our life.
When we harmonise relationships with energy communication we can effectively solve problems with people that we meet on our Path.

Space harmonisation (homes, offices etc.)

The buildings, houses and objects that once belonged to other people may have “inherited” the energies of those entities and in a way they do not belong to us. When someone buys a house, an office or an object it may be possible that their energies do not accept their new owner and so they make his life difficult.
But we can communicate with those energies, harmonise them in the present and protect the space which we live or work in.

Counselling for companies and leaders (how can we improve our business?)

Analysing business environments and working conditions through akiPunto allows us to see energies that work against our set business plans and allows us to harmonize them.

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