Individual sessions


AkiPunto is a consultation based on active listening and paying attention to the potentials of a certain individual: it facilitates the path to self-awareness; it helps develop hidden potentials and understand what is limiting complete and free expression.
With insight to an individual’s dynamics we can see them in a new perspective and we can make a plan for achieving goals (making a decision, improve our relationships, end conflicts, develop our communication abilities etc.)
The work is to teach about the relationships - with ourselves, with others, with events, and with work. It does not suggest psychological or psychotherapeutic intervention.

“Man has a strength that has in its essence a positive orientation. The more an individual is accepted and understood the more he moves in a positive direction and improves himself.“
Carl Rogers

Harmonising communication. Goal achievement. Living in the moment without regrets and hesitation. Solving old and new family situations and problems. Finding our soul mate. Conquering fears and anxiety. Making decisions. Reaching deep fulfilment and personal satisfaction. When we are fully aware there are no more hindrances separating us from our goals. We are the creators of our reality and not victims of circumstances or our environment. Our inner potential is unlimited. We must awaken it!

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