What is the akiPunto?

AkiPunto is a powerful and intense method. It is extremely direct and consequently resolutive! 

Is AkiPunto a psychological work?

Absolutely not. It is a tool for growth and personal development. The akiPunto does not deal with the mental mechanisms, but works on the Soul in all its dimensions to allow us to start living with strength, passion and awareness.


Will I solve my problems with the akiPunto?

AkiPunto is a very powerful method; the solution of your problems consists in seeing the truth as it really is and accepting it deeply, but the real basis of the change is in the commitment that each person makes to use this truth for working on the self.

How long is an akiPunto session?

You can not know in advance how long a session of akiPunto will take. In general, however, a group session is done in about 1 hour.

Everyone can participate?

Yes, all people can participate, thus becoming, at that time, therapists. We always recommend to keep the professional secret, as a therapist does, talking only about the experience and never about the people involved (names, ...)
The only people who can not attend the akiPunto are pregnant women and people with serious mental health problems.

Is it recommended to have a personal interview with the coach before my akiPunto session?

For those who work for the first time with us, we ask for a preliminary interview, allowing both to get in tune with one another and begin to focus on what to work on.



Note: Working with akiPunto as it is proposed in the seminars held by Katia Kullmann is a journey of personal growth. The purpose is to provide information on the laws that govern the family system and the business system in order to be able to act with greater awareness and bring harmony and well-being in your work, in your own life and in the relationships with your loved ones.
AkiPunto has to be be understood as a ritual that works on the level of the Individual, Family and collective Soul and not as a diagnosis or treatment, which are strictly under the responsibility of the medical staff.

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