Experiences: opinions of people who have been with us


I managed to let myself go to energy and love. I was been able to ignore the fear of the unknown that has been with me all my life and now it is gone. I felt immense love. I feel at peace with the whole universe and I feel loved because now I know that we are all one. I finally feel complete, reunited with myself. I realized that life is very simple and that there is no need to ruin it for ourselves. The best thing is that I have managed to unite my physical and energy body. I love you all immensely.
M.D. after a Light Circle

I decided to attend a constellation because I had frequent and serious migraines. I have lived with migraines since I was 10 years old and I have learned to put up with them. With Katia’s help I asked at the constellation the following question: What is the cause of my migraines? I have to admit that that evening I did not understand a lot because I had to think about the causes. I was very surprised to see that after the constellations I had no more headaches. I feel like a new man. I feel wonderful without the migraines. Right after the constellation something happened to me and to my head. But I needed a few days to understand it. Now I only have headaches if I drink too much
I. V. after his first Constellation

The second constellation was a bit more complex; at least it felt that way. I asked the question: Why I cannot (in some cases) follow things through (why do I give up right before I reach my goal)? During the constellation I realized that it was because of my mother’s influence. I was doing the things that she wanted me to do. It was not what I wanted and that’s why I gave up and did not finish. I was surprised by the fact that the person who acted me felt all my emotions exactly as I felt them. The day after the constellation I felt like a big weight being lifted from my stomach. Now I walk with my back straight and I am more aware of my actions. A week later I felt that my mother’s influence has been cut off and I felt like I was walking on air (very softly). It was an interesting and surprising feeling: the feeling of freedom.
I. V. after his second constellation

This time I’ve made progress!
I’ve made contact with my spiritual part; it was easier than the first time. I managed to control my thoughts and I stayed in a state of mind that influenced me and my surroundings. I understood that I can remove any thought that is not welcome. Once you reach the state of “here and now” you don’t think about anything, your eyes burn, you are getting used to being in an unusual state. You feel like part of you is fighting but you know that you have control over it, as you are the observer of your mental part; the part that is causing you problems. I am grateful that I came to know the state of being “here and now”. Thank you!
R. T. after his second Here and Now.

FAlready as a little girl I felt the presence of energy. I was very curious. I asked my mother questions that she didn’t have the answers for. And even if she did answer I felt from her voice that it was not the correct answer or that there was a far bigger answer. By the age of 19 I came to know a lot of people and I asked them the same questions. But their answers were too simplified and I felt that there was much more than that. Because of these simple answers I stopped searching for the real truth, until I started visiting this circle of people who truly believe in the power of energy and they can describe and explain a lot of things to me. Their answers are full of truth. If a month ago someone had asked me: Will you ever fall in love? Will you progress in your life without holding on to people? Will you pass the exam? Will you ever be independent? My answer to all these questions would be: NO, I CANNOT DO IT. IT IS TOO HARD. I WON’T BE ABLE TO BEAR IT. Nevertheless, after the constellation I erased those words from my mind. I’ve surrounded myself with positive and playful energies. Now I listen to myself more and I do what I want to do, and not what others expect me to do. A week after the constellation I cut the invisible cord linking me to my mother and I don’t cling to people anymore. I am head over heels in love and I’ve passed the exam. I achieved all this with the exercise “HERE and NOW”. I see and feel how I am getting better and better in working with energies and I can maintain peace of mind, regardless of my surroundings and other factors.
D. T. after “Here and Now”

All techniques fail us when we are confronting our thoughts, concepts and symbolism. Only when we let all these things go they become unimportant. When we don’t give them importance we are free.
M. P. after Here and Now

Today I understood the feeling that I have to achieve, but I have not learned how to do it yet. Today I had greater control over my thoughts, I gradually lifted myself up but then I stopped. I perceived the feeling of indifference. When we started provoking each other I started as a provoker and I was successful at that. I laughed at the role of the provoked one until I sat down and observed the outside world.
R. T. after Here and Now

After the constellation a lot has changed in our home. There is no tension, no stress or disagreements. The most interesting thing is that the objects are not moving around anymore and there are no more shadows. The children have a calmer sleep and they sleep all through the night so we, the parents, also get enough sleep. How to describe this in a few words? Our home has completely changed. It was a great success for us when we went on a 4-day winter vacation. The last time we did this was in 2009.
E. J. and the family after house harmonization

I evaluated all the sensations, thoughts and feelings that were coming to me and my state of being was in accordance with them. Then I received the message: “admire”. When I started to admire all this visitors I felt according to them. In this state of being I felt I was Here and Now.
M. P. after Here and Now

Having my eyes closed was a great feeling; I was thoughtless. When we opened our eyes I felt they were burning at first. When Katia said I shouldn’t be trying to watch I started observing with my inner eyes. At one point I realized that ALL IS ONE. I felt divine inner peace and it was a wonderful feeling. I hope it lasts forever.
I. R. after Here and Now

I felt I was pure energy. I didn’t feel my physical body anymore. I felt blessed, good and loved. I realized that there are no problems and that my physical body was limiting me and that we create our own physical pain and diseases - we do that unnecessarily. My physical body should serve me and it is only my manifestation (external appearance) in this world. I floated in golden energy - that was actually me. I felt like I was at home. I feel peace and blissfulness.
M.B. after Circle of Light

I felt like I was at home and my family was there. I lifted myself above this white and yellow circle of light and observed us. A fire was burning in the middle and we were dancing around it. I felt like we did this many times before. I felt gratefulness.
U. F. after Circle of Light

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